Chinese Man Makes His Own Scrap-Megatron

February 24, 2011


A Chinese man who calls himself the 'Steel Legend' but whom I will only refer to now as Scrap-Metal Sally built this 5,000kg (11,000lb) Megatron tank from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Sith or whatever entirely out of junk and tetanus shots. Plus he had no schematics to work from except a couple pictures from the internet and the movie itself -- which was probably a shaky bootleg filmed in the theater! Good lookin', Sally! Granted I never actually saw Transformers 2 because the first one was enough for me to realize A) I would kill Autobots and Decepticons indiscriminately B) if another theater patron catches you peeing in your Coke cup and notifies the authorities an usher will try to kick you out and C) arguing there's no way you were gonna spill because the cup was so big won't get you off the hook. Oh yeah? Well I did spill so there! Also: the beans. That's right -- I popped a squat behind the curtain before the previews started! *calling health inspector*

Hit the jump for six more shots, including a reference shot for comparison.







Amazing Homemade 'Transformers 2′ Megatron [youbentmywookie]

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