Bubble Boy Sends Robotic Avatar To School

February 4, 2011


Lyndon Baty has polycystic kidney disease, leaving him with "virtually no immune system". FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. For the last year, he's been unable to have any social contact with friends and peers (besides Faceybooks). But now, thanks to a robotic "avatar" on wheels, he attends high-school with the rest of the kids his age. "Dammit GW, please don't give the robot a wedgie." UGH -- I WASN'T GOING TO.

The technology, which works like video conferencing, allows him to attend class, visit the school canteen, and even hang around the yard.

It is the first time the machine has been used in a school - and it has given Lyndon, from Knox City, a new lease of life.

His mother Sheri told local NBC news station KFDX: 'He has a reason to get up. He takes his medicine, eats, and he's sitting and waiting for that (school) bell to ring.'

'It's absolutely amazing,' Lyndon added. 'I would have never thought when I was sick that I would ever have any interaction, much less this kind. It is just like I am there in the classroom.'

Okay, so in this ONE case I'll make an exception for the use of robots. But if I catch anybody WITHOUT POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE fooling around with one, I'm gonna make you wish you were a bubble boy. Or bubble girl. Shit, or even bubble gum. Point is I'm gonna put the hurt on ya bad.

Heartwarming news report after the jump.

'Bubble boy' forced to live in isolation sends avatar to school [dailymail]

Thanks to Doyler, who never sent anything to school but forged notes from his parents saying he could stay home and play video games. Smart!

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