Brrrrrrr, It's Colder Than Skeletor's Nips In Here!: Castle Graygloo Built In New York

February 14, 2011


This is a Castle Grayskull igloo built in Brooklyn, NY by artist Kilroy III and some of his friends. As you can see, it's pretty f***ing awesome. Well, provided you can get past how it looks like it was designed to fit 400 of Frosty's wieners in its mouth. Other than that though, totally sweet.

Hit the jump for several more shots of Castle Graygloo and its glowing mouth in the dark.




Snowmageddon Spawns Castle Grayskull by Kilroy III & Friends [carbon-fibre] (with a bunch more pictures of the build and final result)
Behold Castle Grayskull! [bedstuyblog]

Thanks to R-Man Rambo, who tried jump-kicking a hole through the top but ended up breaking his leg. WTF MAN, WHERE WERE YOUR RAMBO GUNS?!

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