TETRIS ME, SUCKER! :Tetris Board Game

February 9, 2011


Tetris Link is a board game (if you can call it that) coming out later this year that combines everybody's two favorite things: the name Tetris, and the game Connect Four. The object is to get three of your pieces touching (think a really blocky ménage à trois), which will score you 8 points. You get one additional point every time you can add another piece that touches, but lose points anytime you drop a piece and leave a hole (-1 point per square of hole). It's your opponent's job to try to score points while blocking you. Unless your opponent is me, in which case it's their job to let you win and prevent you from eating the pieces because your parents think you're retarded.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, including a visual explanation of the rules.




Tetris Link: The Tetris board game [pocket-lint]
Tetris Link Board Game More Like Connect 4 Than Actual Tetris [technabob]

Thanks to Allie and TB-303, who prefer the older, digital version. Wow -- digital before analog: rare!

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