AGAIN!: Polydactyl Cat's 'Thumbs Up' Trick

February 23, 2011


This is a video of Jimmy the polydactyl cat (aka 'six-fingered cat' aka 'thumbs cat' aka 'mitten cat' aka 'Hemingway cat' aka etc. etc.) showing off his cool thumbs-up party trick. Hey kitty, watch me shotgun a beer! *thumbs up* Oh -- here goes another! *thumbs up* GOD I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY -- with or without the cat!

Hit the jump for a demonstration of a thumbs up AND thumbs down. He's not biased!


Thanks to gus, who knows a friend with a dog that can make the shaka (aka 'hang loose') sign with one paw and the sign of the horns (aka 'rock on') with the other. Sounds like a real party animal -- literally! (Because it's a dog, see?)

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