Admit It! Admit It's From The New Uncharted!: HDR Timelapse Looks Like Video Game Scene

February 7, 2011


This is a short video (WHICH COULD HAVE BEEN EVEN SHORTER -- skip to 1:30 for the good stuff to start) created from a series of HDR time-lapse photographs by Patryk Kizny called 'The Chapel'. The star of the film is, get this -- an old chapel. One that's falling apart in Poland. HA! What isn't falling apart in Poland?

Filmed in Zeliszów, Poland, the chapel shown in the video is actually a real one built in 1796-1797 and designed by Karl Langhans.

I'm not gonna lie, I'd still live there with trees growing in it and everything. Sure there are holes in the roof, but I'll just pretend they're skylights. Which, technically, they are. Plus if it gets cold in the winter I'll just burn part of the building! "Uh, GW -- doesn't that sound dangerous?" No. Running across the street blindfolded and covering your ears sounds dangerous, that sounded smart. "Ha, whatever you say." I'M THE WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER -- YOU AGREED!

Hit the jump (and don't forget to skip to 1:30) for the magic.

Stunning HDR chapel video looks like a photo-realistic PS3 game [dvice]

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