A Chinese Starcraft/Warcraft Amusement Park?

February 9, 2011


Yes. Well, I think so at least. And every player will be required to make a Hoveround pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. But whatever you do, don't forget to lather on the sunscreen, Casper. Can't have those neck-rolls gettin' crispy.

It's called Joyland World, and it's a theme park based on Starcraft and World of Warcraft...

...There are sub-parks that are built around World of Warcraft and Starcraft themes complete with coasters and other attractions, and there will also be a video game museum and electronic gaming sports arena. Pictures from last month show that most of the coasters have been put together, but the rest of the park still needs a fair amount of work.

In traditional Chinese fashion, the park obtained absolutely zero licensing rights from Blizzard (suck it, Snowstorm!), but are using the Warcraft and Starcraft names anyways. Which, I'm not gonna lie, is exactly what I would've done. You know or renamed them Storcraft and Worcraft LIKE AN ETHICAL BUSINESSPERSON. Just kidding, ethics are dead. The spider I just beat with a rolled up crossword puzzle, not so much. He is limping though. "FINISH HIM, GW!" I want to but I'm scared!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch of conceptual artwork and a link to the official site with a bunch more pictures and info provided you can read Chinese.









Official Site (in Chinese but with a ton more pictures and stuff if you randomly click around)
Warcraft and Starcraft theme park opening in China, maybe [dvice]

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