1994 Today Show Asks 'What's An Internet?'

February 1, 2011


This is a video of somebody taping their television while replaying a 1994 Today Show in which Katie Couric (nice hair!), Bryant Gumballs and some random get confused about what the '@' sign (it's not a b-hole?!) means (Katie: "I think it would be around or about"), and then proceed to ask WTF the internet is (besides magic). Now I'm not saying I knew what the internet was 17 years ago, but I did and I wouldn't have sounded like a dimwit on a national morning news program talking about it. "Oh -- it looks like we have a caller on the line who claims he can explain exactly what the internet is in 10-seconds or less." Der der, you dummies -- IT'S A SERIES OF TUBES. Katie, keep those yams perky -- GW OUT!

Worthwhile video of the big ball of sadness after the jump.

'Today' flashback: Katie Couric, what's an Internet? [cnn]

Thanks to Evil Ares, Lars and jaime, who've known what the internet is since they were born because they're all from the future. OMG, GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT: HOVERCARS OR NO?

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