Zelda Twilight Princess Heart Container Tattoo

January 5, 2011


You know, from the GOOD Twilight.

This is a chick named Nathalie with her fresh Zelda: Twilight Princess heart container tattoo. As you can see, it's just about as sweet as ink comes. Now my little ladyfriend doesn't have any tattoos right now, but if she did I would definitely push for my face real big taking up her whole entire body something similar. You know -- or scales.

Hit the jump for a close-up. Good lookin', Nathalie.


Nathalie's Heart Container Tattoo [geekytattoos]
Twilight Princess Heart Container Tattoo [albotas]

Thanks to Brianna and Meghan, who are racing to get the heart containers from every Zelda game tattooed. On their faces. HARDCORE!

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