You're A Real Person?!: Vampire Fangs Girl

January 17, 2011


Please note: if you're a female and into Twilight this is how guys view you, except with even more f***ed up eyebrows.

This is a short video of some chick who got her dentist to make fangs out of dental composite and permanently attach them to her teeth. As you can see, they look like not a fun place for a wiener to hang out. Trust me. *ahem* I'm looking at you, Jaws! Huh? Haha, what do you mean, "the shark or the James Bond henchman"?! Both you dummy!

Hit the jump for the WTF'ery.


Thanks to Evil Ares, who likes to stress he's not the Ares from the God of War series, even though I know he is. STOP LYING TO ME!

  •  Adora is awesome! She's really nice and I love how dedicated she is to her look. She's pretty damn fabulous, GW.

  • inconspicuous

    Being dedicated to your "look"... really meaningful life accomplishment there.

  • Anubii

    I love Adora. Why is her being so different so shocking to others? The author of this article sounds catty and hateful as hell. And this is on GEEKologie? Were geeks not known to be bullied for being different- before geek chic and nerd couture was "in?" I must have the idea of this site wrong.

    And I know Twilight is now the in-vampire thing, but can we stop equating vampires to glittery bloodsucking pussy fucks?

    Thank you. I'm not even really into vampires and I have to say this shit. Smh

  • inconspicuous

    ...geek chic doesn't involve stupid permanent body modifications or face paint ...after all, geeks and nerds are not retarded.

  • Anubii

    Since when does nerd and geek culture adhere to your personal tastes? Bwahahaha. If you're geek chic or nerd couture, you are NOT a geek or a nerd. You are a follower following trends and trying to fit an image that is "in." Please get your Cosmogirl shit out of here, this girl will do as she pleases.

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