These Bagels Taste Like Plastic!: Xbox Toaster

January 3, 2011


Some guy went and stuffed the guts of an XBox 360 into a fancy-ass toaster. It might not toast bread anymore, but you can blacken some noob asses with it! Also, watch streaming Netflix. THE FUTURE IS NOW, FOLKS!

Modder ncaruso11, aka (akatheguy2) gutted his toaster and turned it into the epic XToaster360.

I'm not quite sure why in the first video, the drive tray opens by touching something on the left side under the toast plunger, and in the second clip, he presses the toast darkness knob on the right. If I had my drothers, you'd actually eject the disk by pressing that toast cancel button that's on most modern toasters, and the DVD would go flying out of one of the toast slots.

Yeah? Well if I had my drothers (whatever the f*** those are), anytime you pushed the 'STOP TIME' button on a microwave time would actually stop so I could get down on all fours and look up my nanny's skirt. What?! A boy can dream, can't he?

Hit the jump for two video demos of the little toaster that could (play XBox games).

Xbox 360 + Toaster = XToaster360 [technabob]

Thanks to Dirtyliltoaster, who actually knows the modder and may or may not have had relations with the XToaster360 in the back of an alley for XBox Live points.

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