WTF Was That?!: By Far The Most Disturbing Mario-Themed Video You'll See All Month**

January 13, 2011


**Satisfaction never guaranteed.

This is a video entitled 'Nintendo: A Sad Story'. Which, while definitely sad, is even more disturbing. And as a man who already had to sleep under the bed last night due to suspected ghost activity, and I'll be damned if I have to crawl under there again with nothing to cuddle but a shoebox diorama I made of Jurassic Park. Worst big spoon EVER.

Hit the jump for 8:00 of serious WTFs (possibly NSFW on account of very disturbing imagery).

A Mario and Miyamoto For Nightmares [kotaku]

Thanks to Shy Guy, who, for a guy that claims to be shy, can sure go off on a disturbing email rant (please, just a link next time).

  • Man... when I run into a random link as awesome as this and then find out the video was taken down like 3 years ago I get pretty goddamn bummed.

  • Epic

    lol, I just did the same thing, now off to find the video

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