WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN THERE?!: Octopus Climbing Out Of A Beer Bottle

January 31, 2011


Ah, mother nature, you never cease to amaze. Except when animals at the zoo have sex right in front of me, then you disgust me to the point of having to look away while I blindly film it with my camera-phone. You know, for posterity. This is a video of an octopus climbing out of the mouth-hole of a beer bottle. Why on earth you'd ever want to leave a beer bottle once you got in it is beyond me, but maybe this guy doesn't drink. But you can better believe he still gets high with Spongebob. But not Patrick (meth-head).

Hit the jump for what I think we can all agree looks like a beer bottle giving birth to a hotdog.

An octopus who lives in a beer bottle [boingboing]

Thanks to Cathryn, who refuses to try to squeeze into anything smaller than a keg.

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