Well It's About Freakin' Time!: 'I Am Rich' App Now Available For Windows Phones

January 7, 2011


A bottle of absinthe, a $500 phone app and a removed wristwatch? Somebody's trying to kill themself.

Remember the $1,000 'I Am Rich' iPhone app that doesn't do anything except let other people know you're actually stupid enough to pay $1,000 for an app that doesn't do anything? Well now there's a version available for Windows 7 phones at the low, low cost of $500. Jesus, now every peon and peasant in the countryside is gonna own the thing! Still, I recommend you buy it. That way everybody you're trying to impress actually knows you're rich. Also, about to get hit over the head with a sockful of Skittles and your wallet stolen.

I Am Rich App Hits Windows Phone 7 [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Sharon, who's so rich she actually signs up for 2-year cell phone contracts and then breaks them just to spend money. LOLWTF LADY?!

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