Wait -- They're Not P And G?!: The Most Searched Letters (And Numbers) On Google

January 13, 2011


For pr0n and Geekologie, yo!

Note: Full-res version of the chart HERE for those of you who refuse to admit you need glasses.

Ever wonder what the most searched letter on Google is? Of course not, who the f*** searches single letters in the first place? I assume these are all the result of people accidentally hitting 'ENTER' before finishing their query, but you never know -- maybe people actually give a shit about 'A' and 'I'. Me? Just T&A. *wink*

These Are the Most Popular Letters In the World According to Google [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jake, who was surprised to see '6' was the most searched number and not '3', as in, "3-way: how to get my girlfriend to have one'. I'm with you, 6 is a little ambitious!

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