Video Camera Attached To Bow And Arrow

January 20, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like your uncle, Youtube user jerimiahjw went and attached little keychain cameras to arrows and shot them into the wild blue yonder. He even took both rear-facing AND full-frontal shots, so you get to see it all (hummina hummina!). Plus he slowed down the footage in several scenes so you can appreciate the scenery. Suck it Robin Hood, Prince of Boring! Next up: attaching cameras to bullets. "GW, that's impossible". Nothing's impossible! "Yes, tons of things are impossible and that's one of them." Oh yeah? Well not in fantasy-land! "No such place". LISTEN BUDDY, DON'T GO SHITTING ON FANTASY-LAND JUST BECAUSE YOUR LIFE SUCKS. *casts spell to make your ballsack shrink so tight you're in constant pain*

Hit the jump for the worthwhile footage.


Thanks to jeremiah, the man behind the bow, for the cool footage. Now shoot an apple off somebody's face! Huh? Did I say head? I SAID FACE!

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