Use The Force Shoe Horn: Star Wars Heels

January 6, 2011


Luke, I am your father (but I've been dressing up like your mother, I just thought you should know).

Ladies: the peep-toe high heels you were looking for, or the peep-toe high heels you didn't know you were looking for because you got Manolo mind-tricked by that catty bitch working in the shoe department. Huh? WELL OF COURSE I KNOW MY HIGH-END SHOE DESIGNERS! Louboutin, Paccini, Gucci, Giambattista Valli, Jimmy Ch-- you know what? I'm just gonna stop there. I don't have to prove my superior fashion-sense to you! I looked all those names up online, I swear. Did I say swear? I meant pinky promise. GAAAAAAAAAH I KNOW EVEN WAY MORE THAN THOSE!

I Need These Shoes- Star Wars High Heels! [screenteamshow]

Thanks to Jessie and Blaqk Panda, who agree it's not weird if a man's into women's shoes as long as it's just to have sex with them and not wear around the house in a pair your girlfriend's underwear. LOLWUT?! TMI, amirite?

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