Use The Autoclave, Luke: Star Wars Back Tat

January 7, 2011


Looks like the Empire Struck HIS Back. ZA-ZA-ZA-ZING!

Not to be outdone by somebody's me-maw with a penchant for twinkly, twinky vampires, this guy went and got a back-covering Star Wars tattoo. As you can see, it's more Empire-inspired and includes characters like Megatron, Harmonica Arm and the Red Ninjas. Huh? WELL OF COURSE I'M QUALIFIED TO BE WRITING GEEKOLOGIE -- I KNOW MY SHIT, OKAY?! See that pile there by the dresser? That was me.

Star Wars Back Tattoo [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Christian, who, despite his name, breaks commandments all the time.

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