UNSOLVABLE: The 17x17x17 Rubik's Cube

January 31, 2011


Obviously it's not unsolvable, it just takes longer. Like aging a fine wine or making love to yourself after a long, lonely night of whiskey drankin'.

Using 3D printing technology, puzzle-maker Oskar van Deventer managed to create this insanely complex version of the cube. Oskar assembled the cube from 1539 individually dyed pieces, resulting in this oversize 5.5″ cube.

And since the design has actually been turned into a digital format, you can print one for yourself - for the low, low price of $2006.54 (USD).

As tempting as two grand sounds, Oskar (get out of that trashcan!), I'm going to have to decline. You see, I can't even solve two dice. DAMN YOU, SNAKE-EYES, WHERE'S THE OTHER '1'?!

Hit the jump for a close-up and Oskar holding the giant block like a proud father.



17x17x17 Rubik's Cube: *Head Asplodes* [technabob]

Thanks to Chrystal, who once spent four months solving an 18x18x18 cube. Congratulations, Chrystal, but you can never get that time back.

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