You Can't Leave R2 Alone!: C-3PO Suicides

January 25, 2011


Alternatively, the virgin suicides. Get it? Nobody wanted to hit that!

C3POsuicides is a website that creates pictures and videos of everyone's (except this pervert) least favorite droid doing himself in. It updates every Tuesday with a new series but is just now getting off the ground. Not unlike my rocketship. I'm blastin' out of here, yo! To where I have no clue, but you can rest assured it'll probably be in a ball of flames. "Hell?" More than likely. Which reminds me, C-3 -- I thought you and Jar Jar signed some sort of suicide pact. Like, oh I don't know, THIS ONE! *waving papers* "GW, that's your handwriting". SHUT UP AND MAKE HIM HONOR IT!

Hit the jump for several more and a link to official site if you're a real sicko.






C-3PO: The Suicidal Service Droid [nerdbastards]

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