Too Far, You Went There: The TRON Audi R8

January 17, 2011


West Coast Customs teamed up with Monster Cables (WTF?!) to produce a TRON-themed Audi R8 because -- well -- I don't know why. Something about poor decision making and overpriced wires.

The car itself is an Audi R8, a car whose electric version has graced the digital pages of CNET UK once before, thanks to its clever wireless-charging capabilities. Very sneaky stuff.

This version of the R8, however, isn't quite so subtle -- with glowing rims, glowing vents, a glowing back seat and a chrome finish so perfectly reflective that you can check your hair and makeup in the car's bonnet. All the glowing bits gradually fade through a series of colours too, for added Tron-style excellence.

Those clever West Coast Customs lads have certainly done a good job adhering to the source material, even if this car is so shiny it's not likely to be road legal -- imagine catching an eyeful of your own headlights reflected in this beast...

Too shiny to be street legal? Well there goes my mirror-car! Seriously, it just drove by. Should probably stop leaving my keys in the ignition. But you know what they say, "hindsight's 20/20". Unless your looking in your rearview and my mirror-car's behind you, IN WHICH CASE THAT SHIT IS BLINDING.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of a wasted Audi.










WCC x Monster Cable's Tron Audi R8 Night Pics and Monster's Tron-themed Audi R8, tricked out by West Coast Customs [westcoastcustoms]

Thanks to Gargamel, who agrees it needs more neon underneath and enough subwoofers to rattle the wheels off BECAUSE THE MAN KNOWS CAR MODS.

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