The Word 'Robot' Celebrates 90th Anniversary

January 26, 2011


Because I refuse to give robots the satisfaction of celebrating their victories (however small) on the actual day, the anniversary was yesterday. FINE -- I'M SLOW, OKAY?!

90 years ago yesterday the word 'robot' made it's first appearance, in, of all things, a Czech play. History lessons, yo! Just remember: those who don't learn from history are doomed to be enslaved by metallic overlords. Never forget, never forgive.

it was ninety years ago today that the word "robot" was introduced to the public in Karel Capek's play "R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots), which first premiered in Prague in its original Czech language in 1921, and came to New York a year later in English. As Gearlog notes, however, Capek actually gives credit for the origin of the word to his brother Josef, who suggested the term "roboti" that he derived from the Czech word "robota," which literally means "serf labor," and can refer to drudgery or hard work.

Listen: I want the word wiped from all languages before it has time to celebrate its 100th anniversary, do you hear me? "What was that last part again -- you were mumbling." I SAID I WANT THE WORD WI... "Kidding -- heard you the first time, I just wanted to f*** with you." *burning your eyes out with a laser* HAVE FUN DEFENDING YOURSELF FROM ROBOT ATTACKS NOW, ASSHAT!

The Word Robot is 90 Years Old Today [gearlog]
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Thanks to Razzi, who agrees 'cyborg', 'humanoid' and 'dildo' should also be removed from dictionaries.

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