The Future Is Now!: Weather Toothpaste Changes Taste Depending On Forecast

January 5, 2011


Some "geniuses" at MIT have developed a computerized toothpaste dispenser that mixes a different tasting toothpaste in accordance with the day's weather. I swear -- what will they think of next? SPOILER: some kind of stupid f***ing robot.

The toothpaste is called "Tastes Like Rain." A little computer in the dispenser checks the Internet for the day's weather, and mixes together several different flavors of toothpaste accordingly. If it's going to be warmer than yesterday, you get a higher proportion of cinnamon toothpaste, and if it's going to be cooler, you get more mint. A blue stripe means it's going to rain

Alternatively, wake up and stick your arm out a window. Don't have a window? Congratulations, you live in your parents' basement. Don't have an arm? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I bet you could still beat me in arm wrestling though. Still, my only concern is this: who the hell is ever gonna remember what yesterday's toothpaste tasted like? Pfft, and you MIT'ers pride yourselves on being so smart. Too much book-learnin' and not enough common senses! Like, oh I don't know -- smell. I've been tooting up a storm and you haven't even winced!

World's smartest toothpaste changes taste to forecast the weather [dvice]

  • We have cloned animals and changed our fortunes. What is now more bizarre than a few MIT students developing a toothpaste dispenser that dispenses toothpaste according to the weather. The dispenser have a small computer chip in it for this purpose. The toothpaste it dispenses is called "Tastes Like Rain."

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  • you dont need to remember if yesterday was warmer or colder than the day before yesterday to be able to know what it means if today is warmer or colder than yesterday. logic, please use it.

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