The Evolution Of Daft Punk's Stage Helmets

January 3, 2011


Note: Full-size version of the graphic HERE.

Daft Punk, best known for me tying strings to glowsticks and swinging them around my dorm room to 'Around the World', wear futuristic looking helmets in concert to hide their faces (I suspect they were both maimed by robots as children). And this is a chart depicting the evolution of their fancy helmetry. Pretty cool, right? It is. So cool, in fact, I've decided to start blogging with my own custom headgear. Sure it's just a styrofoam bicycle helmet my mom makes me wear so I don't bang my head on the monitor, but still. I put stickers on it.

Check Out Daft Punk's Helmets Throughout The Years [idolator]

Thanks to Gargamel, who, here, here's a Smurf. BITE ITS HEAD OFF -- DO IT NOW!

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