The Cannapult: Border Security Confiscate Weed-Tossing Catapult At US/Mexico Border

January 27, 2011


Cannapult, get it? Like cannabis. Alternatively, the catapot.

A catapult used to launch 2-kilo (4.4lb) bricks of shitty Mexican schwag over the border was confiscated by Mexican authorities earlier this week, bringing Wile E. Coyote's drug smuggling operation to a screeching halt (probably in mid-air after running off a cliff!).

Mexican soldiers, tipped off by U.S. National Guard troops monitoring the area with surveillance cameras, seized a few dozen pounds of marijuana, a sport-utility vehicle, and the catapult it was towing near the small town of Naco near the Mexico-Arizona border on Friday. The smugglers had already fled the scene.

The catapult was found about 20 yards from the fence, standing roughly ten feet tall and prepped to launch several 4.4-pound bales of pot into the United States. And from what we can gather from the few grainy photos available, it looks like a legit piece of elementary medieval siege weaponry.

Listen: as a man who's no stranger to enduring eight-hour flights with a rectumful of drug-filled Doritos bags, I have to admire these smugglers' ingenuity. But is smuggling 4-pounds of the worst quality brick-weed one catapult launch at a time really worth it? You gotta think outside the box 20-sack, guys. Two words: Spanish fly. IT'S REAL, IT'S ILLEGAL, AND I WANT SOME.

One more shot of the catapult in tow-mode and a night-vision video of the POS in action after the jump.


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Thanks to Owain and Mih0, who only launch dead plague-victim bodies over castle walls BECAUSE THEY'RE RESPECTFUL.

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