Taurus Yanks 28-Gauge Handgun From Show

January 31, 2011



Taurus (the gun manufacturer) recently added a 28-gauge version of their 'Raging Judge' series of boomsticks at the recent SHOT Show but later pulled it from display after it was deemed a short-barreled shotgun and not a hangun. Well it's not a laser, that's for f***ing sure.

Editor Note: Taurus has removed this firearm from their booth and has elected to not make it at this time. The rifle version will be available through Rossi at some point.

Taurus USA imports their pistols from the Taurus factory in Brazil. If they were imported the sample 28 gauge SBS and specified in the US Customs / BATFE paperwork that is was a pistol, they could be in trouble.

Whatever the case, I don't want to get shot with it. A 410 sure, but 28-gauge? That might leave a mark. Same goes for anything larger like 20 and 12-gauges. Or downright giant like your penis gauge. Geekologie: the feel-good blog.

Big gun, Short lived. Taurus 28 Gauge Revolver [thefirearmblog]

Thanks to TB-303, who once brought a knife to a gunfight and won. Holy smokes guys we've got a ninja in the room, don't look him in the eyes.

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