Supertasty Superheroes: The Iron Man Pizza

January 25, 2011


This is an uncooked pizza that looks like Iron Man. I assume whoever made it took the picture while waiting around for Whiplash to come cook it. Or should I say 'fry'? Get it? Because he's always swinging those electric whippy things, shit! Which, true story: one time they let him throw the opening pitch at a baseball game and he killed the catcher. Also, everybody else on the field. Hell of a temper, that guy.

Cheese, pepperoni Armor, onion power core, black olive rivets, pureed black olive outlines and a whole lot of love.

A whole lot of love, or a whole lot of free time on their hands? Or, God forbid, a whole lot of love on their hands. Because that's EXACTLY why I don't shake anymore. *elbow bump* Oh, good one -- on your elbow too. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Pass the Crushed Red Pepper, The Iron Man Pizza [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Charles, who only eats Invisible Woman pizzas. Uh, Charles? That's called starving yourself, and you need to get help.

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