*Keep A Straight Face, GW -- Straight Face!*: Scientists Planning Mission To Probe Uranus

January 12, 2011


You think you're so special, don't you? Too bad an an advanced race of aliens have plans to probe Myanus. SO THERE!

Seen here looking like something somebody whipped together in under five minutes in Photoshop Microsoft Paint, scientists are developing a plan to probe Uranus. It may or may yes involve a rag doused in chloroform.

British space scientists are leading plans to send a probe to explore giant ice planet Uranus. They have put forward a detailed proposal to the European Space Agency to launch a joint mission with NASA to the distant world, 1.8 billion miles from the sun.

It would give scientists their first close-up views of Uranus since NASA's Voyager 2 flew past and captured fleeting pictures 25 years ago.

More than 160 scientists are backing the Uranus Pathfinder project which is led by Dr Chris Arridge, of University College London's Mullard Space Science Laboratory in Surrey.

He told Skymania in an exclusive interview: "We've only really scratched the surface of Uranus. It is very difficult to observe from Earth because any detail is smeared out.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel! But seriously: save your money, space agencies. I know the guy and you're not gonna find anything but hemorrhoids. "Jesus, not now, GW -- I'm eating!" Uranal polyps -- URANAL POLYPS!

Scientists plan mission to probe Uranus [csmonitor]

Thanks to Misty and Ford, both of which will be the first to admit they have zero to negative interest in ever seeing pictures of Uranus.

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