Twitter Charms < BFF Heart Necklaces

January 25, 2011


This is why you're single.

I always wanted one of those BFF heart necklaces that was split in two that you and your bestie each wore half of. Sadly, I never had a best friend until recently. Growing up I did have a broom with a face painted on the bristles, but he hated wearing jewelry. Introducing Twitter necklaces: not only can you choose a piece of colored glass that matches your birthstone, they even come engraved with your actual Twitter handle. Peridot green and @Geekologie, please! The necklaces cost $49 and come in both the 'Birdie' design (above) and the '@' symbol (picture after the jump). Well -- which one are you getting? "OMG, tell me you're joking." I'll tell you if I'm joking as soon as you tell me which one you're getting! "Fine, the bird one with a ruby red crystal." Haha, DORK -- I WAS JOKING!

Hit the jump for a shot of the '@' ones.


Product Site
Twitter Necklace [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Amanderz, who has one of each and wears them on alternating days.

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