*Humming Carnival Music* Step Right Up And Win A Prize!: Real-Life Angry Birds Game

January 4, 2011


Spotted somewhere in Guangzhou, China, there's a 200% chance this Angry Birds carnival game is 400% unlicensed and illegal to operate. And not just because all carnival games are rigged, but I have yet to hammer one of those rubber frogs onto a lillypad. Which -- you know the people that walk around the amusement park carrying those giant-ass stuffed animals like they won them? They're employees. Yep, it's all a ploy to get you to part with your hard-earned dollars playing impossible-to-win games. For shame, Disneyland. WALT IS PROBABLY ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE! Which, fun fact: is hidden right after the third turn in It's A Small World. Just kidding, he was cremated. But the last thing he did before dying was scribble Kurt Russel's name on a scrap of paper. Seriously. Put that in your unsolved mysteries notebook and doodle in the margin! "Rooooosebud...."

Angry Birds gets real... corporeal (in China, at least) [engadget]

Thanks to Maddie, who's convinced Walt Disney is still alive and slinks around the park at night like The Phantom of the Opera. Creepy!

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