State Of The Internets Address Infographic: (SPOILER: Huge w/ A Butt-Ton Of Spam)

January 27, 2011


Note: This is neither legible nor the whole thing. Click HERE to see the whole thing and +2 your internet knowledge.

As a follow up to last year's State of the Internet, Focus has created another infographic almost exactly a year later (and 365-dollars short) depicting some other useless facts & figures about the size of the interweb. Which, in case you didn't already know, is f***ing huge (also, you're piss-poor at observation). So large, in fact, even crotchety old grandparents venture in from time to time to have their social security money stolen in get-rich-quick email scams. GOD, BUY SOME FOREIGN BONER PILLS AND CALL IT A DAY, GRANDPA!

The State of the Internet [focus]

Thanks to Sandi76 and Marcus, who agree that, even in the web's darkest hour, Geekologie stands like a lighthouse of hope atop the deep, foreboding waters, ushering surfers safely home.

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