'Star Trek Girl' Song And Music Video

January 31, 2011


Seen here looking like she just asked for a hug before realizing she was in the middle of shitting her pants, this is Youtube user meekakitty singing her sure-to-be-only single (red-shirt -- probably dead by now) 'Star Trek Girl'. It looks like it was filmed in a dormitory bathroom. Also, it worries me that tipster "Steve" prefaced the video link with "this chick is f***in' hot" because from the minute-and-a-half I watched she definitely looked "f***in' fourteen". But who knows, maybe he meant to send something else and isn't such a creeper after all. BWAHAHAHAHA!! Nope, he's a pervert. Aaaaaaaaand probably not sending me anymore tips.

Hit the jump for 5:00 of autotunery and spasmodic dancing.

Resistance is futile against the sweet "Star Trek Girl" song [io9]

Thanks to Steve, who's probably insisting that's not his real name right now.

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