'Spring Wood', The Flexible Wooden Chair

January 7, 2011


When you think wood, what comes to mind? Morning? Congratulations, you're a pervert. Your sad little AM boners aside, this is a wooden chair that's been cut to flex when a person sits on it. Mmmm, sitting: second only to lying down in my book!

Dezeen says each chair has 480 CNC-milled cuts, which provides a more giving surface for your ass to rest on. Designer Carolien Laro designed the first of her Spring Wood chairs by hand, and it took her more than 600 hours to emerge with a functional prototype.

Pretty cool, right? Of course, if a fat-bottom boy like myself took a seat it would probably break and collapse, leaving me with half a stump up my ass. Which -- *creeeeeaaaaaak, CRASH!* Oh, oh yeah -- that's the stuff.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video demo of the chair. You heard me -- a video demo OF A CHAIR.



Spring Wood by Carolien Laro [dzeen]
It's a Chair, It's Made From Wood and It's Flexible? [gizmodo]

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