Shaolin Monk Throws Needle Through Glass

January 27, 2011


This is an older video that's making it's way around the internets of a Shaolin Monk (who the Wu-Tang clan would encourage you not to f*** with) throwing a needle clear through a pane of glass, shot at 1,000 frames-per-second. Now I'm not saying it's not impressive, I'm just saying I've got a lot of buttons that need sewed back on and they're not gonna do it themselves. *ahem* Haha, stop punching -- it tickles! *WA-BAP* Okay now I'm pretty sure that one just stopped my heart.

Hit the jump for the 'eh, I could do that' even though we both know you couldn't.

Shaolin Monk Throws Needle Through Glass [neatorama]

Thanks to Curly, who, until this video, thought watching men in kilts throw telephone poles was impressive.

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