Screwed!: Apple's iPhone Repair Will Replace Your Screws With Harder To Remove Ones

January 21, 2011


Girl them some funky-ass nips!

Because Apple doesn't want you poking and prodding around inside their (read: your) products, if you send them your iPhone 4 to be repaired it'll now be returned with harder-to-remove screws. WHAT THE CRAPPLE, APPLE?!

This is to make it impossible to open the iPhone and tinker around inside it. Granted, most people have no real reason to ever do this, but a key part of ownership of something is having the ability to do what you want to it. By changing something you own in such a way after you've bought it, Apple is removing your ability to fully use your product.

Pfft, who the hell designs a screw-head that looks like a woman's flowery sphincter anyways!? *ahem* Steve. You krinkier than a butthole fulla iPods.

Apple is replacing screws in iPhones to make them impossible to open [dvice]

Thanks to Phil, who opens his iPhone the old fashioned way: dropping it on the bathroom floor trying to answer a call while pissing.

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