Samsung Cell Phone's 'Fake Call' Feature

January 20, 2011


This is a shot from a Samsung cell phone's instruction manual (they still come with those?!) that explains how to make fake calls to "get out of meetings or unwanted conversations" (read: "pretend you have friends"). That said, I do this kind of thing all the time to impress people at the bar with my fame. *Hello -- [insert celebrity name]? Hoho, how you been ol' bean? How's the fam? Oh you know, the uje -- just having a drank or twenty. Had sex in the trunk of a car again yesterday, that was pretty crazy. And not just with the spare tire this time! Haha, yeah, there was a roadside emergency kit too. You know, we should really collaborate on a project sometime soon, really rake in those millions. Anyway, gotta run -- chow, dahling!* "GW, please tell me you don't have those conversations holding a empty soup-can to your ear". WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?! It's an empty artichoke jar. *bring-bring!* Sorry, I need to take this.

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