Robotic Dinosaur Home Security Systems

January 10, 2011


A $19,000 robotic triceratops that patrols your house taking pictures of would-be burglars: bad idea. A real triceratops with digital cameras taped to its horns taking 3-D pictures of your butt: dream come true.

In 2002, TMSUK developed the Banryu ("Guard Dragon") line of mobile home security robots.

The Banryu bots were designed to patrol homes and photograph and would-be intruders using a camera installed in their snouts, but their plodding pace (3 meters a minute) made them questionably useful. TMSUK later created a zippier, 15-meter-per-minute Banryu model (that could also detect carbon monoxide leaks), but sadly the whole "cybernetic dinosaur home security" trend never really took off.

Banryu -- why? Was he juicing before a Street Fighter tournament again? Zing! But seriously, what self-respecting robber is gonna be foiled by a slow-ass robotic dinosaur plodding around your house? Especially one that's worth $20K. They're just gonna steal it too! Ooooor have sex with it and not respect themselves in the morning. Ha -- respect themselves! Like I ever.

Hit the jump for two video demos of the dino-patrol. One with its skin off. Nasty!

In the future, you will defend your house with a robotic triceratops [io9]

Thanks to Abe2010 and Kristi, who both asked the age-old question -- Robot Dinosaurs: Boner Killer? Or Killer Boner? Depends on how much I've been drinking.

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