January 27, 2011


Watch -- ;) XD >:( :*I See? I did that in less than five seconds. But hey, maybe some of you folks are slow (don't think for one second your parents haven't thought about getting you tested!). Enter the USB keypad that instantly adds two-to-three character emoticons at the touch of a (admittedly fun-looking) button. Alternatively, TAKE THE MILLISECOND TO PUSH THE PROPER KEYS and save a port for something important like one of those little USB-humping dogs. Which -- no lie, you should see my laptop right now. You'd swear the bitch is in heat!

Emoticon Keypad For Folks That Feel the Need To Use Emoticons [uberreview]

Thanks to Creamer, who I've put in my coffee after his expiration date before BECAUSE I LIKE TO LIVE DANGEROUS.

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