One Of The Fantastic Four Dies, Leaving A Not-So-Fantastic (And Awkward) Threesome

January 25, 2011


The title was just meant to throw you off, it's not actually the Invisible Woman that dies. Or is it?

Because Marvel is now owned by Disney and Disney hasn't done anything right since The Little Mermaid, the death of one of the Fantastic Four was leaked prior to the comic's (issue #587) release later this week. Who was it? Gaaaaah, I don't know if I should tell!

Though the majority of single-issue comic book sales are still largely seen as the product of a niche market, the biggest events in the lives of America's superheroes still rate with national news organizations hungry for an accessible water cooler hook. So it should come as no surprise that Marvel Comics has revealed to the Associated Press which member of their first family dies in "Fantastic Four" #587 in a story that's being picked up by several newspapers...

The comic's creators also announced that the next issue (#588) will be the The Fantastic Four's last. Now, if you want to find out who dies and where the series is going from here, hit the jump where I've posted the rest of the story, but if you don't want to know then stop reading right this second because SPOILER: THEY ALL DO. Just kidding. Wolverine.

Hit the jump to keep reading if you really want to know.

In the AP story, Hickman, Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort and CCO Joe Quesada revealed that Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm will meet his demise in the comic (the character at the lead of yesterday's CBR poll). Brevoort confirmed that "588 is the final issue of the 'Fantastic Four.' Beyond that, we're not ready to say exactly what we're doing. There won't be an issue 589."

Hickman added that his story's overall direction moving forward will "converge in a new thing that will be exciting and different and yet, very familiar and very much the same.

Quesada chimed in on the possibility that the Torch could be reborn, saying "Whether the human torch comes back or not is really a question that will be answered in time...While I will never discount that a character can come back from the dead because it is one of the staples of comic book story telling . I'm not going to tell you if he will, or when he will and if he does, how he will, but I can assure you that it's going to be very, very interesting and not what anyone expects."

Well, there you have it -- fire-crotch has officially been extinguished.

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Thanks to Evil Ares, clark and FDSY, who all thought it was going to be The Thing caught under a cement mixer (the dude's f***ing kinky).

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