OMG -- I Can See The Bone *Passes Out*: Mortal Kombat's Brutal New 'X-Ray Mode'

January 31, 2011


Developers of the new Mortal Kombat have revealed the newest edition to the franchise will include difficult-to-execute 'x-ray' moves, in which a character brutalizes another and the internal destruction is actually shown. *getting light-headed* What?! Like you've never seen a blogger write with a trashbag tied over his head!

"It's definitely the most brutal attack that we've ever had in a Mortal Kombat and it's something that we're very proud of," lead designer John Edwards told IGN.

"Not only from an artistic standpoint but from a gameplay standpoint."

"The first time we knew we were onto something big with X-ray Mode was at E3," art director Steve Beran said.

"I HAVE AN ORGASMIC REACTION EVERYTIME I SEE THE X-RAYS MOVES," drowning69coil is happy to admit after watching the Mortal Kombat preview at YouTube.

Whoa whoa whoa -- orgasmic reaction?! I'm not saying this guy needs to be institutionalized for a unhealthy obsession with gore, but I am saying I bet he stays up at night beating off to CSI reruns. YOU'RE SICK AND YOU NEED TO GET BETTER, HOMEY.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of the new moves and the develops talking about them.

Mortal Kombat - Inside the X-Ray [ign]
From the if-that's-even-possible department, Mortal Kombat ups the gore with 'X-ray Mode' []

Thanks to emm jay, who once tore a man's head off just to see if the spinal cord would actually pull out with it like you'd expect. WELL?!

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