Next, They Build Themselves: Autonomous Quadrocopters Constructing Tower On Own

January 19, 2011


This is a disturbing video of a team of autonomous quadrocopters building some sort of tower on their own. It appears be some kind of temple. Huh? YES "OF DOOM" WHAT OTHER KIND OF TEMPLE ARE AUTONOMOUS FLYING ROBOTS GONNA BUILD, DUMMY?!

The GRASP Lab quadrocopters were impressive enough by themselves, all slashing and swooping through the air with unerring precision, but then their makers had to go and give them the intelligence to work in groups and today the inevitable has happened: they've learned how to construct things! Sure, the structures are rudimentary, but we can recognize the beginnings of human containment cells when we see them.

Hey, at least somebody else out there is taking this whole robot apocalypse thing seriously. For awhile there I thought I was the only one. And, despite what the recruitment commercials might lead you to believe, an army of one is actually the worst kind of army. Basically you're just laser-fodder. Just sayin', ever been teabagged by a robot before? Like getting smothered between two wrecking balls.

Hit the jump for the "that's it, you've gone way too far" in action.

Quadrocopters learn to build things, when will humans learn to fear them? [engadget]

Thanks to Yopoleo, Zombiepartz and Frank, who agree the best line of defense against a squadron of quadrocopters is throwing t-shirts into their blades like you would a ceiling fan. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight -- nice knowing you, guys.

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