Money Can't Buy Class (Or In This Case Even A Decent Car!): $675K Diamond & Gold Fiat

January 19, 2011


Seen here looking like the gaudy lovechild of a Smart Car that rear-ended a Mini, a $675,000 diamond and gold Fiat 500C was recently commissioned by a Chinese business man (with zero negative taste and decency).

The car is set to be called "La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp" and - as you may already have guessed - features heavy use of diamonds and gold, and has been tweaked to give 200hp.

The exterior features 24k gold in the paint and gold thread in the hood. Inside, meanwhile, there is teak on the floor, dashboard and steering wheel, and 24k gold controls and inserts on the dash. Tasteful.

There is one genuinely interesting innovation, however - space on the dash for an integrated iPad. Sadly, that's been diamond-encrusted too.

Now I'm not saying this is definitely the vehicle to carjack and crowbar the dashboard out of, but I AM going to take the airbags too. Airbags? Where you're going you don't need airbags (your ass is going in the trunk is the thing).

Hit the jump for a shot of the interior and video mockup.


DIAMOND-AND-GOLD FIAT 500C TO COST £420K [pistonheads]

Thanks to Blank, who'd rather walk than ride in that thing. Whoa whoa whoa -- now let's not start talking all crazy.

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