Michelangelo!: NYC Manhole Shooting Sparks

January 4, 2011


This is a video of a manhole in New York City shooting sparks and flames like the Ninja Turtles decided their swords and sticks were too oldschool and upgraded to flamethrowers and lightning-launchers. It sounds like somebody popping popcorn though, so I wouldn't be surprised if Michelangelo put a metal mixing-bowl full of weed in the microwave hoping to hotbox Mr. Splinter's kitchen and get April high enough TO MESS AROUND WITH A MUTANT TURTLE. A teenage one.

Redditor dbs176 says: "So a manhole I was walking next to exploded into a 15' tower of flames in the middle of a busy NYC street. Good thing I took a video."

heatyweatywoo chimes in with a possible explanation: "I have a hunch this is an underground power transformer, or a severed cable hitting water and naturally occurring gas"

Whatever it was, I think we can all agree it's not the first time I've ever seen a manhole shooting sparks. Get it? 4th of July, 2007 -- My buddy Dave held a Roman Candle between his buttcheeks!

Hit the jump for a video of the devil trying to escape the subway.

Well This Is Something You Don't See Every Day of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Alan and Ferrous, who both would've barrel-rolled down the nearest sewer drain and joined in the foray.

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