Like Heaven & Hell Exploded Simultaneously

January 26, 2011


What's the RDA for glitter?

This is a picture of a cake that has all the elements of the most beautiful daydream (unicorns, rainbows, lollipops) and most terrifying nightmare (zombies, piranha plants, robots) at the same time. I call it the WTF Cake, although you can call it delicious. Shit, you can even call its mother a whore, although that'd be rude because you don't even know her. SHE'S A NICE LADY! (But will start randomly grabbing balls if you get a drink in her)

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups, along with a shot of the makers (and bonus nipple cupcakes!), at least one of which (and possibly both) you'll leave comments about wanting to bang. God, do I know you guys or what? I do, and I'm even more embarrassed than your parents.







Awesome Cake has Zombies, Rainbows, Unicorns, Robots and Skulls [obviouswinner]

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