Joint-Rollin' iPhone App Meets Instant Success

January 11, 2011


Joints: if you smoke them they make you high. Poles: if you smoke them they make you gay. Ooooooor a lady. Or, in my case, a free spirit. Anyway, some jokers rolled out(!) a doobie-constructing iPhone app (that amazingly wasn't axed by the Apple Gestapo) and got over 25K downloads in a night. Wow, that's a whole lot of hipsters who can't roll a f***ing joint.

Three close friends who grew up together in Fresno, California have imagined a fantastical iPhone app that teaches users how to roll their own crowd pleasing, monster joints like a seasoned pro.

The Roll Your Own iPhone application shows users how to carefully master rolling techniques including the "Classic" and "Classic with Crutch". The preparation section offers user friendly tips on mixtures, papers, packing and crutches for an optimized rolling experience.

"While these numbers are exciting to us, two of us still live in trailers and I'm currently living at my father's home on food stamps," Noah told the iPhone Savior. "So, at this rate, I'm not anticipating moving out any time soon."


Weed Rolling App Attracts 25K Users Overnight [iphonesavior]

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