It Really Tied The Room Together TO HELL -- MWAHAHAHA!!: The Demon-Spawnskin Rug

January 13, 2011


This is a demon-spawnskin rug created by DeviantARTist missmonster. As far as floor coverings go, I think we can all agree it beats the shit out of the other rug in the picture, which is a towel. And speaking of towels -- did I tell you my neighbor that owns the pedovan (link to picture of actual van on Facebook) also uses old bath-towels as window treatments? I'm not even kidding, despite how much I really wish I was. Plus one time when I came home I noticed one had fallen and I accidentally saw dude's wiener while he was changing. It looked like a rotting hotdog. "Uh, GW -- how do you know what a rotting hotdog looks like?" DER-DER, I WAS OUT OF RAMEN AND STARVING!!

Hit the jump for some impressive closeups.



Missmonster's DeviantART
Demon Skin Floor Rug is Extraordinarily Evil and Incredibly Awesome [obviouswinner]

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