iPhone 4 Drops For Verizon February 10th

January 11, 2011


Are you trying to steal the Geekologie font-fade?!

In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who keeps abreast (or even abutt) of tech rumors, Apple and Verizon have announced the iPhone 4 is coming to "America's most reliable network" (and best store to drag a child through -- suck it, Wal-Mart!) early next month. So yeah, anybody tired of getting bent over by AT&T, now's your chance to jump ship (just watch out for pirate-lasers!). And for you existing Verizon customers who've always wanted an iPhone but had to pretend not to just to save face, go ahead and pop those celebratory boners. But, for those of you out there who still function with only a land line -- hi grandma! Thanks for all the holiday cookies! Lets see here....the Verizon version of the phone will also function as a 3G hotspot for up to five devices (likely for an additional monthly charge) but will not allow call-service while in use which shouldn't really affect any of you since you're all awkward as f*** on the phone anyway and wait for somebody to leave a voicemail and then text them back. HA -- LIKE I DON'T KNOW YOUR M.O.! (I do the same thing is the thing).

Verizon iPhone 4 will have 3G mobile hotspot [engadget]

Thanks to erica, Chris F., bamboozoo and The Superficial Writer, who can all make calls with their minds and don't need cell phones. WOW -- that's awesome, guys! *calling mutant police*

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