Iffy: Yahoo Installs Bus Stop Video Games

January 21, 2011


Seen here NOT DOING HIS F***ING JOB, a San Francisco city employee plays a Yahoo Bus Stop Derby game while on the clock.

Web giant Yahoo has installed twenty large touch-screen displays in bus shelters across San Francisco.

It's called the Yahoo Bus Stop Derby, commuters able to choose from four simple games to play. While they play, their results are being tracked and updated in real-time, letting residents of various neighbourhoods see how they shape up against their cross-city rivals.

There's the option of solo play or multiplayer, provided there's somebody else waiting at another bus stop who wants to play the same game as you.

Wow, that almost sounds like as much fun as playing games on your smart phone. Only thing is, YOU HAVE TO HANG OUT AT A GOT-DAMN BUS STOP WITH YOUR BACK TURNED TO EVERYBODY. Just sayin' you ever been stabbed by an angry homeless man wearing nothing but two different shoes and a scowl? That shit'll put a damper on a weekend, lemme tell ya.

Bus Shelters Turn Wait Times Into Neighbourhood Deathmatches [kotaku]

Thanks to Jerry, who's on his way to San Francisco right now to relieve them of all those large touch-screen displays. Get me one!

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