Do Want: Artist's DIY Plastic Model Of Himself

January 11, 2011


Of me. Not of him, weirdo. Fine, one of him too. But if you think I'm not gonna put his legs where his arms should go then TOO BAD.

Artist Wayne Chisnall went and made a full-scale plastic model of himself, still on the little plastic danglers (SPRUE) and everything. I'm not gonna lie, based on the torso alone I thought he was wearing jorts. Then I saw the leg parts and realized he's wearing jorts with some sort of jeggings underneath. Which, for the record, I don't hold against him. My body tightly until he agrees to let me try them on, yes. You know, or a knife. Kidding folks -- VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER. Unless your foe is inanimate, in which case flail and wail till you fail (read: collapse and piss yourself), champ.

Assemble Your Very Own Human with This Life-Sized Model Kit [gizmodo]

Thanks to Christopher, who never fails, only prevails.

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