WHAT, NO SIDE OF WORLD DOMINATION?!: The Stewie Griffin Burger

January 3, 2011


The Stewie Griffin is a dried up lookin' cow turd of a hamburger that resembles the youngest member of the Family Guy household. Reminds me of a school cafeteria burger. Haha, no, not because of the face, but because you can actually see the gristle. Which reminds me: you remember that lunch-lady that had the mole with the hair growing out of it? Well one day (a Taco Tuesday if I'm not mistaken), the hair was gone. Needless to say I convinced myself it was in the cheese sauce and went hungry that day. Didn't even drink my chocolate milk. You know shit's gone south if GW ain't drinkin' his chocolate milk! Remember kids: strong bones are brown bones.

Hit the jump for a closeup of his gristly-ass face.


Burger #230 - Stewie Griffin [everythingburger]
Stewie Griffin Burger [foodbeast]

Thanks to Porterhouse Pete, who once got so drunk he peed in his dresser and then tried to blame the dryer for not drying his clothes. Also, one time he peed on another roommate's door thinking he was in the bathroom while dude was in there getting it on with a lady and saw urine start seeping under the door. HAHA, last time a friend sends a tip!

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